Collection: Watercolors

Here, I present to you works in the great watercolor tradition: water and pigments on Canson Montval Watercolor 300g paper.

An intimate relationship has developed between these three play partners, to create transparencies, but also opposing materials, in the yin / yang spirit, making it possible to reveal the "object" in relation to the light and to space ...

30 products
  • Incandescences
  • Folio - Etiage
  • Folio - Seagulls on the reef
  • Folio - blue sets
  • When ocean is freezing
  • Folio - Wave Hollow
  • Persian
  • Aerials: Reflections of an evening on the river
  • Before the storm in Dauphiné
  • November rusts
  • Winter panorama
  • Mists on the lake
  • Cataract
  • Immaculate
  • Pyrenean circus
  • Dreaming of an island ...