Born in 1947, Reine-Marie PINCHON is one of the references of watercolor in France. She lives and works in the Paris region and in the region of Albi. A graduate in agronomy, genetics, ecology, she has led a scientific and artistic career, fascinated by the study, the representations of Nature, to transmit and share these untold pieces of the beauty of our planet, which oblige us, between others, to preserve it.

 "This dual training gives me a dual interpretation of an artist and a landscape designer, at different scales. A lichen on a branch, this small world, arouses in me as many emotions as the most beautiful of landscapes and it is to transcribe this, like the Asian culture - which I particularly venerate - that I have experimented with original techniques generally little valued here, but primal and primordial, water-based techniques »

Silver medalist and Associate of FRENCH ARTISTS

Member of the TAYLOR FOUNDATION with 3 awards:

Maxime Juan PRIZE - “Kyokai” Prize - Brisson Drucker Prize

Member and administrator of the SFA - Société Française de l'Aquarelle

Numerous publications in the artistic press and three monographic reference works summarize his creative paths: “Waters and dreams” 2020, “Lights and materials” 2015, “Waters and seasons” 2012


Represented by Galerie Maznel - St Valery sur Somme

Workshop Val d'Oise : Auvers sur Oise

Tarn workshop : Holy Cross