Collection: Inks

Of all the water-soluble pigments, Indian ink is really the most unruly medium, the fiercest but also the most subtle, and rich in its proposals for evocations... There is a taming to be made , but what rewards!

Many of my inks are in private collections... these are still available!

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  • Alluvions
  • Blancs de blanc
  • Eclats de lune
  • Folio - Berges à Brive
  • Folio - Winter sky over the St Laurent
  • Folio - Between 2 shores
  • Folio - The Black Tree
  • Folio - Swamp
  • Folio - Black and white trees sequence
  • Folio - Sylphides
  • Folio - Tempête en baie de Somme
  • Folio - Vaguely
  • Folio- Like a flight of fireflies
  • Frimas
  • Hiver au bord du Michigan lake
  • La croisée des chemins