Collection: Creative Trends

These are the so-called "workshop" or "laboratory" works resulting from the most recent research that I lead, innovative in their techniques and their challenges (including the use of new media), or unexpected like these new ways of revealing the beauties of the planet in new perspectives, seen from space or seen from the sky.

Paradoxically, these different scales of our world, large or small, overlap, resemble each other, and the scientist that I am, is still amazed by these visions, from the microscope to the satellite, to be transposed in my "Aerials"!


17 products
  • Notre maison brûle...
  • Incandescences
  • Wilting
  • Phragmites
  • Aerials - Corsican massif
  • Next spring
  • Aerials - Approach to Morocco
  • Evening lights in Yellowstone
  • Panoramic autumn-winter
  • Dreaming of an island ...
  • Emerald lagoon
  • Burns in Corbières
  • On the breaking of the day
  • Between two
  • Fireworks flowers
  • Pitfalls